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sofie kylin nude in en karlekshistoria

the first moments of love with a young teenager

en karlekshistoria / a swedish love story - ann-sofie kylin  


the first moments of love with a young teenager

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this movie contains blonde  school  schoolgirl  teen  young  

en karlekshistoria ( aka "a swedish love story - ann" ) is a movie from year 1970 where you can see actress sofie kylin in naked, nude or sexy scene.
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en karlekshistoria ( aka "a swedish love story - ann" ) movie contains young, blonde, school, schoolgirl, teen.
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Informations on the en karlekshistoria ( aka "a swedish love story - ann" ) movie

En kärlekshistoria (1970) En kärlekshistoria (English: A Swedish Love Story) is a 1970 Swedish romantic drama film directed by Roy Andersson. It stars Ann-Sofie Kylin and Rolf Sohlman as two teenagers falling in love over the summer. The film was inspired by the Czechoslovak New Wave and was Andersson’s feature film debut. The film was successful in Sweden and abroad. Plot The film follows Annika (Ann-Sofie Kylin) and Pär (Rolf Sohlman), two shy and lonely teenagers who meet by chance at a family outing. They are attracted to each other and start a relationship, despite the cynical and disapproving attitudes of their parents and peers. They experience the joys and sorrows of young love, such as going on dates, kissing, dancing, fighting and making up. They also face some challenges, such as a bully who harasses Pär, a rival who tries to seduce Annika, and a misunderstanding that threatens to separate them. Cast Ann-Sofie Kylin as Annika Rolf Sohlman as Pär Anita Lindblom as Eva, Annika’s mother Bertil Norström as John Hellberg, Eva’s boyfriend Lennart Tellfelt as Lasse, Pär’s father Margreth Weivers as Elsa, Pär’s mother Arne Andersson as Arne, Pär’s grandfather Maud Backéus as Gunhild, Annika’s grandmother Verner Edberg as Verner, Annika’s grandfather Elsie Holm as Guest at Crayfish Party Tommy Nilsson as Roger, Pär’s friend Gunnar Ossiander as Pär’s Grandfather Gunvor Ternéus as Guest at Crayfish Party Lennart Tollén as Lennart, Pär’s friend Björn Andrésen as Pär’s Buddy Reception The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences. It was praised for its realistic and sensitive portrayal of teenage love, its naturalistic style and dialogue, its nostalgic atmosphere and soundtrack, and its performances by the young actors. The film was also compared to the works of François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard and Ingmar Bergman. Awards The film was entered into the 20th Berlin International Film Festival, where it won four awards: the Silver Bear for Best Director, the OCIC Award, the Interfilm Award and the Youth Film Award. The film was also selected as the Swedish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 43rd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee. The film won the Guldbagge Award for Best Film at the 7th Guldbagge Awards. Trivia The film was shot in Stockholm and its surroundings in 1969. The film features several songs by Swedish pop group Hep Stars, including “Sunny Girl”, “Wedding” and “Consolation”. The film was remade in 2008 as Sommaren med Göran by Staffan Lindberg, with Peter Magnusson and David Hellenius in the lead roles. Parental Guide The film contains scenes of nudity, sexuality and language that may be inappropriate for younger viewers. The film also deals with mature themes such as divorce, alcoholism and death. The film is rated PG in the United States and 11+ in Sweden.

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in this 1970 movie you can see Sofie Kylin in her best frontal in hot clips.

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