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stephania potalivo & amalie dollerup nudes in ogginoggen

2 girls are all naked in the shower

ogginoggen - amalie dollerup & stephania potalivo  


2 girls are all naked in the shower

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ogginoggen is a movie from year 1997 where you can see actresses stephania potalivo & amalie dollerup in naked, nude or sexy scenes.
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Informations on the ogginoggen movie

“Ogginoggen” is a Danish short film directed by Jesper W. Nielsen and starring Amalie Dollerup, David Hauerberg Svensson, and Jesper Asholt. It is the second part of a trilogy of films about childhood and adolescence, following “Eye of the Storm” and preceding “The Boy Who Walked Backwards”. The film focuses on Ida, a young girl who loves dancing and dreams of participating in a dance contest with her partner, Kalle. However, her life is complicated by her parents’ divorce, her mother’s depression, and her own budding sexuality. She is also haunted by the memory of her father’s affair with a younger woman, which nearly killed her when she accidentally witnessed it. Ida tries to avoid romance and boys, but she finds herself attracted to Kalle’s older brother, Sebastian, who is also a dancer. Sebastian is kind and gentle with Ida, but he also has a dark side: he is addicted to drugs and involved in criminal activities. He also has a girlfriend, Sofie, who is jealous of Ida. The film ends with a dramatic climax, where Ida and Kalle perform their dance routine at the contest, while Sebastian is chased by the police after a drug deal gone wrong. Ida and Kalle win the contest, but Ida sees Sebastian being arrested and realizes that he will never be with her. She runs away from the stage, leaving behind her trophy and her innocence.


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In conclusion, the issue of nude acting by underage teenage actresses in cinema films is a complex one that requires a global approach. It is essential to raise awareness about the exploitation of these young girls and to put in place strict laws and guidelines to protect them. Only then can we ensure that these girls are not being used as pawns in the film industry while they are still vulnerable and innocent.

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in this 1997 film you can watch Stephania Potalivo & Amalie Dollerup celebrity in her best orgasm hot videos leaked in erotic film.

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