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soraya da mota nude in stefanies geschenk

a preteen has very twisted fantasies

stefanies geschenk (full movie) - soraya da mota  


a preteen has very twisted fantasies

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stefanies geschenk (full movie) is a movie from year 1995 where you can see actress soraya da mota in naked, nude or sexy scene.
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Informations on the stefanies geschenk (full movie) movie

“Stefanies Geschenk” is a drama film directed by Mathieu Seiler and released in 1995. It is also known as “Le cadeau de Stéphanie” in French. It stars Soraya Da Mota as Stefanie, a 12-year-old girl who is bored and rebellious in her suburban life. She dreams of attacking her parents with a flail and escaping from her mundane reality. The film is set in Switzerland, where Stefanie lives with her parents, who are distant and indifferent to her. She has no friends at school and spends her time reading books, watching TV and playing with her dolls. She also experiments with drugs, sex and violence, trying to find some excitement and meaning in her existence. The film shows how Stefanie’s fantasies and actions become more extreme and dangerous as she seeks to challenge the norms and boundaries of her society. She befriends a drug dealer, seduces an older man, steals a car, sets fire to a house and even attempts to kill her parents. She also receives a mysterious gift from an unknown sender, which turns out to be a flail. The film ends with a shocking twist, where Stefanie discovers that the gift was sent by herself from the future, as a way of fulfilling her own destiny. She realizes that she is trapped in a loop of self-destruction and that she cannot escape from her fate. The film closes with Stefanie holding the flail and smiling wickedly.


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