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zoe thielemans nude in spare parts

a young girl is raped by her father

spare parts - zoe thielemans | hd 720p  


a young girl is raped by her father

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spare parts is a movie from year 2013 where you can see actress zoe thielemans in naked, nude or sexy scene.
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spare parts movie contains incest, rough, teen, brunette, brutal, school, young, schoolgirl, rape.
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Informations on the spare parts movie

“Spare Parts” is a 2013 short film that tells a compelling and touching story. The film revolves around Renilde, a young and desired pupil who’s conflicted between her self respect and the love for her father. This film is based on a true story. The plot of “Spare Parts” is both simple and complex. On the surface, it’s about a group of four students whose families sneak them into the United States from Mexico as children. Growing up in Arizona, they have a difficult time fitting in with classmates while they struggle to learn English and adapt to life in America. In addition to dealing with typical coming-of-age problems, Luis, Lorenzo, Oscar, and Cristian must also face the poverty and fear that accompany their undocumented immigration status. The film takes an interesting turn when the students take separate paths to Fredi Lajvardi’s marine science class and technology club. They come together as they discover a common curiosity and desire to belong. Fredi seeks to engage his students with hands-on projects and an unusual teaching philosophy: fun. When Cristian declares that he wants to build robots, Fredi enlists the similarly-unconventional computer science teacher, Allan Cameron, to join him in rebooting the school’s robotics club. To inspire a sense of mission, they enter the teens in the college division of a challenging underwater-robotics contest. The team agrees that their goal will be to not finish last. The students are tenacious, creative, and resourceful in their robot’s design and implementation. Far better than not finishing last, the four teenagers win first place, besting even MIT. Unfortunately, their achievements are not enough to ensure bright futures. Lack of residency status, nationalist attitudes toward Mexican immigrants, and inadequate support systems limit their opportunities. Ultimately, “Spare Parts” exposes the American dream as a battle fought on uneven terms.

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in this 2013 film you can see Zoe Thielemans in her full archive first orgasm in hot clips.

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