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muriel catalá nude in the savior

a very young teenager discovers love with a soldier

the savior / le sauveur | upscaled 4k uhd exclusive - muriel catalá  


a very young teenager discovers love with a soldier

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the savior ( aka "le sauveur" ) is a movie from year 1971 where you can see actress muriel catalá in naked, nude or sexy scenes.
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the savior ( aka "le sauveur" ) movie contains pretty girl, retro, vintage, defloration, school, first love, young, virgin, classic, shaved, teen, blonde, full nudity, schoolgirl.
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Informations on the the savior ( aka "le sauveur" ) movie

The Savior (1971) The Savior (French: Le sauveur) is a 1971 French drama film written and directed by Michel Mardore, based on his own novel of the same name. It stars Horst Buchholz and Muriel Catala as a Nazi officer and a teenage girl who fall in love in occupied France during World War II. The film was controversial for its depiction of sexuality, violence and betrayal. Plot The film is set in rural France in the summer of 1943. Nanette (Muriel Catala) is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives with her parents on a farm. She is bored and lonely, dreaming of romance and adventure. One day, she finds a wounded man (Horst Buchholz) hiding in the woods near her home. He introduces himself as Claude, an English paratrooper who was shot down by the Germans. He asks Nanette to help him contact the local resistance fighters and to hide him in her attic. Nanette agrees to help Claude, despite her parents’ pro-Pétain and anti-English views. She brings him food and medicine, and soon develops a crush on him. Claude also becomes fond of Nanette, and they start a sexual relationship. Nanette experiences love and passion for the first time, while Claude seems to forget his mission and his past. However, Claude is not who he claims to be. He is actually a German SS officer who infiltrated the resistance network and killed many of its members. He used Nanette as a cover and a source of information, while secretly planning to eliminate the remaining resistance fighters in the area. He also has a wife and a son in Germany, whom he occasionally writes to. One night, Claude leaves Nanette’s house to meet with the resistance leader, Monnery (Michel Delahaye), whom he intends to kill. Nanette follows him and witnesses the murder. She realizes that Claude is a Nazi and that he betrayed her and everyone else. She runs back to her house, where she finds her parents dead, killed by Claude’s men. She also finds a letter from Claude’s wife, confirming his identity. Claude returns to Nanette’s house and tries to justify his actions. He says that he loves her and that he did what he had to do for his country and his family. He asks her to forgive him and to run away with him. Nanette pretends to agree, but secretly grabs a gun and shoots him in the chest. She then runs away with her baby brother Samuel, whom she had rescued from Claude’s men. Cast Horst Buchholz as Claude / Frank Muriel Catala as Nanette Hélène Vallier as Nanette’s mother Roger Lumont as Nanette’s father Henri Vilbert as Councillor Flouret Danièle Ajoret as Nanette’s aunt Michel Delahaye as Monnery Jean-Pierre Sentier as Nanette’s husband Frédéric Norbert as Henri Yves Hugues as Monnery’s first son Jacques Serres as Monnery’s second son Reception The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film’s originality, intensity and performances, while others criticized the film’s implausibility, immorality and exploitation. The film was also controversial for its explicit scenes of nudity, sexuality and violence. Awards The film was nominated for two César Awards at the 1972 César Awards: Best First Work for Michel Mardore and Best Actress for Muriel Catala. Trivia The film was inspired by a real-life case that happened in France in 1944, when a young woman named Simone Lagrange was seduced by Klaus Barbie, a notorious Nazi war criminal. The film was shot in Burgundy, France in 1970. The film features several songs by French singer-songwriter Georges Brassens, such as “Les amoureux des bancs publics”, “La mauvaise réputation” and “Le gorille”. Parental Guide The film contains scenes of nudity, sexuality, violence and language that may be inappropriate for younger viewers. The film also deals with disturbing topics such as rape, murder, incest and betrayal. The film is rated R in the United States and 18+ in France.


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