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2023 02 07



View this exclusive erotic-horror short film in 3D, provided by Silico3D.
Follow Polina Michals, a young space policewoman, who searches a ghost ship, and who will have an encounter there that she will remember for a very long time!
Silico3D is unrivaled for bringing to life scenes mixing eroticism, porn, horror and gore, with a realism that cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet.

8h01 is the only place to offer Silico3D's creations, and with your full access you will be able to download this excellent 13 minute video n Full HD 1080p: Don't wait to buy your full access, this video alone is worth more than the price of 1 month subscription to our website.

In a galaxy uncharted by the annals of human history, where stars burned with colors unseen on Earth, there lived a pretty young brunette space policewoman named Polina. Her beauty was a rarity, like a dazzling gem in the vast cosmic expanse. Her deep, chestnut hair cascaded down her back like a river of silken chocolate, framed by a face that held a timeless allure. Her eyes were the color of the galaxy's most brilliant sapphires, each blink a brief eclipse of distant nebulae. And when she smiled, the radiance of her joy could rival the brightest supernova.

Polina's uniform clung to her lithe form, a sleek blend of black and silver with a badge bearing the insignia of the Intergalactic Peacekeepers – a star emblem, a symbol of hope and order in a universe teetering on the edge of chaos.

One fateful day, her mission led her to a derelict spaceship, a colossal relic of a bygone era. It floated aimlessly amidst the stars, a haunting reminder of a once-thriving civilization. Polina's curiosity led her to its eerie, silent corridors, where the soft hum of forgotten technology whispered secrets from the past.

As she ventured deeper into the abandoned vessel, the air grew cold and still, and the distant echo of her footsteps seemed to reverberate through time itself. The ship's walls were adorned with strange hieroglyphics, a language long lost to the cosmos. Polina's fingers traced the alien symbols, yearning to decipher their meaning, but the passage of eons had rendered them inscrutable.

A sudden chill crept up her spine, and she felt an invisible presence watching her. She turned, her sapphire eyes wide with alertness. In the dimly lit corridor, a monstrous creature emerged from the shadows. Towering and hulking, it resembled a great ape, but its skin was a patchwork of metallic plating and organic matter, as if it had been cobbled together from remnants of the ship's machinery.

The creature's eyes glowed with an eerie crimson light, and its elongated arms ended in razor-sharp claws. With every slow, deliberate step, it emitted a low, mechanical growl that resonated through the very bones of the ship. Fear gripped Polina's heart, but she refused to be paralyzed by it.

Drawing her blaster with grace, she steadied her trembling hand and raised it toward the monstrous abomination. Her training and courage met the challenge head-on, the cosmic beauty of her determination outshining the darkness that loomed before her.

As the beast lunged at her with incredible speed, Polina's shot rang out through the corridor, and a brilliant flash of energy illuminated the shadows. The creature let out an anguished roar as its metallic hide was pierced by the searing energy bolt. It convulsed and fell, vanquished by the relentless spirit of the space policewoman.

Breathing heavily, Polina stood triumphant amid the wreckage, her beauty unmarred, her resolve undiminished. She had faced the unknown terrors of an abandoned spaceship in a distant galaxy and emerged victorious, a guardian of peace and beauty in the endless expanse of the cosmos. Her story would echo through the stars as a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who dared to venture beyond the known, and her beauty, both inner and outer, would shine like a beacon, guiding the lost souls of the universe toward a brighter future.
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